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Posts on this blog generally fall under one or both of these categories:
  1. my observations, thoughts, ideas, reflections, etc. as a deacon serving the parish to which he has been called
  2. strategies and tactics for "how to succeed in seminary" given that I enrolled in 2009 and dropped out in 2010.
If you want to know more about me, and probably too much, here it is:

First, I'm adopted. Have been, more or less, since birth! I was born in Wisconsin and raised elsewhere in Wisconsin. I went to St. John's Lutheran School in Portage, WI, graduated from Portage High School in 2002, graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin in 2006 with a B.A., majoring in theology and minoring in philosophy, even though I started out as a pre-seminary major.

Then I didn't know what to do with myself, so I moved to Saint Louis, MO, knowing that I wasn't going to seminary but wanted some form of employment that aligned with my interests, so I was hired at Concordia Publishing House as a sales associate at the Headquarters bookstore (3558 S. Jefferson Ave.). Six months or so in, I applied to their customer service department. This turned out to be a strategic error, and I was let go two weeks before my one year anniversary with the company. I harbor no ill will toward my former employer and continue to enjoy many of their resources.

Well, now what? I tried starting my own business, Schroeder Ideas LLC. My idea was to be a "creativity consultant." No, not the type of consultants from the Office Space (aff link) movie. I did improv comedy in high school and knew that improv skills can translate into the business world. My idea was to be like a creative tow truck - if you or your company are stuck in the ditch, spinning your wheels, everything you're trying isn't working, then my job was to help you see your problems from different angles, help you identify leverage you didn't have and take advantage of it and get you unstuck. I would be a fresh set of eyes that would see things you might overlook. But I failed to launch because I failed to attract any clients (or potential clients). Among other things, I wasn't focused - my idea was too broad.

So that didn't work, we moved back to Wisconsin for a while and didn't get anything going up there, either. Though I did earn my WI substitute teaching license which is abut to expire unless I renew it. And so in the Spring of 2009 I decided to apply to Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis. I was accepted and because I didn't pass the Old and New Testament qualifiers (think Bible Trivia), instead of taking Summer Greek, I took a two week course on the Old Testament (and passed the qualifier) and then another two week course on the New Testament (and passed that one, too).

Let me back up a little bit. I've hated writing papers. Too many ideas, poor organization skills, harboring in my mind the ideal paper and never being able to translate that ideal into a finished product.

After withdrawing from seminary, I received an official ADHD diagnosis (and dyslexia, I think).

Family: I met my wife in college, we were married in 2007 and our son was born exactly one year later. Our daughter was born in the summer of 2011. Our second son was born in early 2013.
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