Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Schroeder Diet. No Worms.

One of the things some Lutherans like to discuss on blogs and social networks is their diets. Each one says "I follow Paleo," or "I follow Primal," or "I follow Shakeology," still another "I follow Rachael Ray."

I follow four diets. Well, not really, but my diet is heavily influenced by four different sources, and there is a healthy chunk of overlap between them. Here they are:
The Slow Carb Diet doesn't allow bread (unless it's cheat day) but I allow myself special dispensations for the Renergy Sandwich 2.0:

Quinoa is also not technically allowed on the Slow Carb Diet, but I allow it under the bean / legume umbrella (my main two are lentils and black beans). Darya likes quinoa, so that makes it ok.

One thing that I started incorporating into my diet this year is hemp. Shelled hemp seeds, hemp oil, and hemp protein shakes (even though Dolce doesn't like protein shakes). I am pretty much dedicated to the Nutiva brand (I also really like their coconut oil).

Something else I started doing last year or this year is chia seeds. I mostly just put them in water and drink it. I usually get my chia seeds from Nutiva.

My main greens are probably baby spinach and kale.

I almost never drink soft drinks (Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola? how about they're both garbage), and the Slow Carb Diet says not to drink calories (except a glass of red wine in the evening), but my one exception is coconut water, which is claimed by some to be nature's sports drink. If it's good enough for the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family, it's good enough for me for my martial arts. I go back and forth between four brands: O.N.E., Naked, ZICO, and Vita Coco.

Do I use supplements? Yeah, a few. When I'm feeling rich.

Daily multivitamin. I could do this online, but I came across a great shop a while back via Groupon. It's an independent local store called Apple Wellness. I get whatever daily multi jumps out at me after I've run out of whatever I was using. Sometimes I even shop there without using a Groupon!

I also like to get a month's supply of probiotics from Apple Wellness every once in a while, although taking them every day each month would be ideal.

The Slow Carb Diet calls for supplementing three things: calcium, magnesium, and potassium. But I don't go out of my way to supplement these because I should be getting sufficient supply of them from my diet (some which comply with SCD, some don't).

Otherwise there are two supplements I like from time to time for natural performance enhancement come from a company called Onnit. One is Alpha Brain and the other is Shroom Tech Sport. So for those of you keeping score at home, I'm taking hemp and Cordyceps Sinensis mushrooms to advance my athletic pursuits (not to be confused with marijuana and Psilocybins). What's that? Smoke a telephone pole? Challenge accepted.

In addition to the Four Hour Chef, you'll also want to check out the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

Mike Dolce also has The Dolce Diet: Living Lean which covers food, but also exercise and other lifestyle choices (he's a top-tier fitness and nutrition trainer for MMA fighters). He also has some holiday recipes for Valentine's Day and Christmas. The holiday titles are less than $5 for the pair in kindle format.

Sorry about the Diet of Worms reference in the title of this blog post.