Friday, September 21, 2012

Back to the Front Burner: My Voelz Greek Vocab Project

Greek New Testament So this blog post (My Voelz Greek Vocab Project) was (is?) one of my most famous blog posts, although the reason it was famous was off-topic. Long story short, I want to see a resource out there that is dedicated JUST to the vocabulary you are responsible to learn in Elementary [Biblical] Greek according to Dr. Voelz's textbook, and so I started working on a Google word document where I provide, chapter by chapter, the vocab list transliterated into English, and then provide a link for each vocab word using Bill Mounce's online Greek dictionary. This document is setup so that others can contribute to it following my template, so that it's not just me working on this project, but it's crowdsourced. Anyway, I lost steam after Chapter 15 (there are 42 chapters in FGG) and I had only been posting the words, hoping that someone else would look up and post the links to each of those words. The project has been dormant for months, until...

A couple of days ago, I logged into my Google Drive and noticed that someone had worked on the "Vocab Vocab Guide" document last week, providing all the links for all the words I had typed up. This anonymous effort has inspired me to start working on this project again, and I've provided the words through Chapter 23. If you, or anyone else, would like to start plugging in the links to the dictionary entries, please do so! The idea is for this resource to be helpful and useful for anyone who wants to learn, re-learn, solidify and memorize Biblical Greek vocabulary.

Just go to the old blog post and you'll find the link to the document: My Voelz Greek Vocab Project.

For me, and on the behalf of Biblical Greek students around the world, thank you!

Note: Upon further review, this project is going to have a lot of work ahead of it as the Mouce dictionary has moved to a new address. In other words, all the links will need to be updated.