Friday, August 3, 2012

August 2012 Kindle Book Bargains

You don't have to own a kindle device to read kindle books, and in fact, I think I was buying Kindle books two or three years before I actually owned a Kindle device. This morning I looked up the monthly specials in the Kindle books section (because every month they have 100 Kindle books for $3.99 or less) and there are two books I'd like to recommend because I read and enjoyed them.

The first book is called Anything You Want by Derek Sivers. You might remember Derek as the founder of the wildly successful Internet business CD Baby; he started the company as a hobby in 1997 and sold it in 2008 for $22 million. I read this book last August and really enjoyed it. The book is a combination of autobiography, business philosophy, and encouragement to act upon motivation. Here is an video from Derek's YouTube channel titled "Why You Need to Fail." It's very interesting, especially to watch the time-lapse video of Picasso creating a painting from scratch.

The Kindle edition of Derek's book is going for $1.99 this month only.

The second Kindle book I recommend is by Seth Godin and it's called Poke the Box. I think of it as a sequel to Godin's previous book Linchpin. I read linchpin while I was still at the seminary in St. Louis so that must have been spring of 2010 and I read Poke the Box in February of 2011. I find a lot of Seth Godin's work to be interesting and helpful, but I would add one caveat: much of Seth Godin's philosophy is influenced by an evolutionary cosmology. Having read a number of his books, I would say about his evolutionary perspective does not invalidate most of his conclusions, but as a biblical creationist, I do my best to be aware of his worldview and how it manifests in his ideas.

This month only, the Kindle edition of Poke the Box is $2.99.

Buying both of these kindle books will set you back five dollars. That's the cost of a Subway sandwich, right?