Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You're Confirmed... Now What?

Our 8th grade catechumens at St. Peter's will be confirmed on the first Sunday of May (in May?) and I had an idea a month or so ago as to how I might keep them involved in the life of the congregation once they are in high school (beyond weekly worship). From Luther's Preface to his Small Catechism:
[A]fter you have thus taught them this Short Catechism, then take up the Large Catechism, and give them also a richer and fuller knowledge. Here explain at large every commandment, [article,] petition, and part with its various works, uses, benefits, dangers, and injuries, as you find these abundantly stated in many books written about these matters.
So I'm going to try and roll all of our newly minted 8th grade confirmands into a new class: The Large Catechism. The Christian Education board got behind me on this and approved the purchase of Luther's Large Catechism with Study Questions for each of the 8th Graders, and those ten or so copies are currently stacked on my desk, just waiting to be distributed. The hope is to buck what seems to be the stereotypical synodical trend of losing 75% (or more) of the kids who disappear after confirmation.

But isn't this totally weird? Isn't this insane? The kids will never go for this. Only pastors can make any sense out of the Large Catechism, right?

Why am I do thing this? Because nobody told them they couldn't learn the Large Catechism.

Please pray that this endeavor will be fruitful. Also, feel free to steal this idea! And let me know how it goes in your congregation.