Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Mission: ADHD

Yep, my monthly mission for November is to make a concerted effort to get a grip on my ADHD. Here are some of the things I see as evidence that my ADHD is still getting the best of me (instead of me USING my ADHD as leverage):
  • two consecutive monthly mission failures
  • continued underemployment
  • not meeting self-set goals
  • running out of prescription medication (twice this year)
  • overall lack of structure
  • lack of energy, motivation, etc.
  • feeling of failing to gain any meaningful traction on any projects or initiatives
There are others, but those come immediately to mind.

Streeter Seidell, Comedian
So this month, the plan is to find one thing every day that I can change in my life to accommodate my ADHD.

For example, and I did this in October, but I'm ALWAYS wasting time looking for my keys, wallet, cell phone, and / or iPod touch. Or turning around in my commute after realizing I forgot one or more of them at home. So I established ONE place in the house where they should always be. If those things are not in my pockets, they MUST go in that one designated place only. That way, I ALWAYS know where they are. This will save me countless hours over the next few years if I stick to it.

Here are a few resources I'm looking at:

Magnificent Mind at Any Age by Daniel Amen
Brain Rules by John Medina
Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Russel Barkley

I'm also considering getting off the slow-carb diet, or at least modifying it to allow for whole grains, nuts, and some strategic fruits such as blueberries. The slow-carb diet is designed for optimal fat-loss, not optimal cognition, so I'll experiment by adjusting my diet to see if I can yield some results that improve my brain function.

I also need to improve my sleep schedule (that's been on my to-do list before, but the changes thus far haven't stuck) and exercise more (ditto).

And starting in December, I need someone to be at the helm of Mission Control - a Mission Director, if you will. James Bond has M, Jim Lovell had Gene Kranz, Jack Bauer had Bill Buchanan, and so forth. I need someone to help hold me accountable, keep me on track, follow up with me, and so forth. It doesn't need to be the same person every month, in fact, it would be great if it's someone different each month. If you have a mission idea in which you'd like to direct me, send me an email or leave a comment below. I think part of the problem with these missions is that I feel like I'm going it completely alone.