Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grammar Girl's 101 Words to Sound Smart

I've mentioned Grammar Girl a few times on this blog. Today's news is that Mignon's newest book is out: Grammar Girl's 101 Words to Sound Smart (aff link).
If you think that "sounding smart" is pretentious or elitist, I offer two arguments:
  1. What is the opposite of sounding smart? Sounding stupid. You don't want to sound stupid, do you?
  2. You don't have to use the book to sound smart; use it to listen smart. The idea is to learn and understand the meaning of the words, not necessarily to speak or write them yourself. Other people use these words, and there's bound to be a word or two in this book that you hear often enough but you don't really know what it means, or it means something other than what you think it does, or you've been misusing it yourself. Rather than wasting time and cerebral bandwidth using context clues to figure out what it means, just learn the word so that the next time you hear it, you'll know what it means.
After you buy the book and flipped through it, what words did you enjoy the most? Which will you use (or understand) that you didn't before? What words were missing from this book that should be in 101 More Words to Sound Smart?