Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Mission: Challenge

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I have made two previous attempts to do the Monthly Challenge over at, both of which fell short. The funny thing, though, is that when I first registered for 750words earlier this year (it just so happened that I started on the first day of a month), I was able to go a whole month, which is what the goal is - to do your morning pages every day for a whole month. So I was able to do it when I didn't take the challenge, but when I've taken the challenge, I failed.

So unlike my previous missions, which have been attempts to climb Mount Everest from scratch (to mix metaphors), I'm going to set the bar lower (a small win is infinitely better than a big loss). I need a win before the start of 2012, and so this is my mission for the month.

And here is the sweetener, if you will. If I do my morning pages every day from today through December 30, then on New Year's Eve, I will go to AJ Bombers in Madison (not Milwaukee) to write my final set of morning pages for the month. And not only can we celebrate my first successful monthly mission, but New Year's Eve also happens to be my birthday.

And let's make this a big fricking blowout at AJ Bombers in Madison. Since I have two little kids, I'll be at Bombers over the lunch hour. So get there bright and early at 11AM, and I'll start and finish my morning papers around Noon (it usually takes me less than fifteen minutes). And get on FourSquare so that we can all check in at Bombers for my Monthly Mission / Morning Pages Challenge / Birthday celebration!

Mark your calendars now. December 31 at 11 AM. AJ Bombers Madison Address:

201 West Gorham Street, Madison, WI

Also, you can follow them on twitter: @AJBombersMSN

This is going to be a good December.