Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alumni Relations

This email appeared in my inbox today. I'd be very interested to see what CUW's response rate will be on this appeal:

Maybe I'll come back to this post in a week or a month, because there is much about it that I could blog, but for now I'll just leave it here and we can discuss in the comments. I'll wait to say how I really feel about it, but some of that might start spilling out as we discuss in the comment section.

Was this a good appeal? To whom does it appeal? Do you feel this type of messaging really resonates or is it completely out of touch? Let the commenting begin!

And this email says that it's scary that some CUW alumni don't give back to their alma mater, but it doesn't say who is scared by this.

Also, do you think this kind of message should only go out to alumni who have never donated to CUW before, or should it go out to all alumni?

UPDATE: See that little bit of orange background that I left in when i cropped this photo? I thought this was just an odd color, or just going for some sharp contrast (because blue and orange is not an unheard of combination, it's scarcely used), but it turns out there was a reason for it. I explain it in another blog post, Alumni Relations - Part 2.