Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alumni Relations – Part 2

Ok, I'll make one concession in defense of CUW, but you'll also see that I'm not giving up much ground.

I am among the 1% of Americans who checks his mail maybe once a week; that's because we don't have a mailbox at our house. We have a PO Box, so whenever we want to check our mail, we have to go to our post office to do so. And it wasn't until November 12 that I checked our mail and saw the postcard that was referenced in the e-mail that CUW had sent.

The e-mail that CUW sent out a few days ago did have an orange background, which may have clashed with the normal blue that they use, but the postcard itself employs a spooky font both on the front and on the back. However, this font is completely missing from the other words, other than the orange background in the e-mail, the e-mail itself has no Halloween context whatsoever. But now that I've seen the postcard itself it's a little more obvious that they were making a play to be cute with some sort of Halloween theme. Interestingly, though, the message on the back of the postcard is almost completely identical to the e-mail which was sent out other than the fact that the e-mail references the postcard which obviously wouldn't be on the postcard itself.

So I will admit up front that when I received the e-mail I was completely oblivious to the fact that there was some sort of Halloween context to the messaging. Be that as it may, valid criticism for this campaign remains and is worth serious consideration.

And we can continue to have conversation in the comments section, but also look forward to a third blog post in which I really spell out my thoughts on this campaign and its messaging and some other related notes on public relations, marketing, fundraising, and so forth.

For those of you who only received the e-mail, and never got the postcard, did you make the connection that it was a Halloween message? And for those of you who did receive the postcard, whether you got the e-mail or not, that this messaging appeal to you? Did you feel, as some others have commented, that it came off like a guilt trip, to one degree or another?