Tuesday, October 11, 2011


StopwatchThe Hack College blog has a post this morning about learning how to become a faster reader, it's called readfa.st (great name, right?). This is of special interest to me given that I don't read any faster than I do aloud. Let me say that again in another way: I don't read any faster "in my head" then when I read out loud. Therefore, reading has always been a time-consuming activity and very inefficient compared to those can read silently faster than they can when they read aloud.

But even if you already read faster than I do, my hunch is that this service (which is free by the way) will help you increase your speed.

I've read one article so far using the service and did so around 470 words per minute. That's just my baseline or current speed. I haven't used the service to start reading faster, yet, I just wanted to see where I was at currently. And actually, I don't think I retained all that much from the article. The good news is that I feel like I have a lot of room for improvement, so I look forward to doing more of this and seeing how I progress.

How much reading are you required to do at work? at school? How fast do you read? Would you benefit from being able to read twice as fast as you do currently (while retaining just as much, if not more)?