Monday, October 3, 2011

Last Call: Philosophy Tutoring

Time Is Running Out No Intro to Philosophy students at Concordia University Wisconsin have contacted me either about tutoring or studying for the first Unit Test in PHIL-201

At this point, I assume either they haven't heard about these opportunities or they don't think they need it. There's little more I can do to publicize this tutoring service (described as "generous" by an LCMS pastor in the Milwaukee Metro area whose last name some CUW students may recognize) short of spending money to advertise on Facebook or other spaces. And if students are confident that they will get an A in the course or are simply resigned to settle for whatever grade they'll get at the end of the semester then there's nothing I can do about that, either. I can't change their minds for them.

Their first test is Thursday. Maybe someone will change his or her mind before or after they take the test. This is the last call - if I don't hear from anyone before Sunday, my offer is rescinded and I'll move on to other ventures. Maybe my way to get back into Philosophy will be to ask Dr. Menuge if I can serve him as an unofficial virtual research assistant or something along those lines.