Friday, September 30, 2011

Small Catechism Mission Aborted

Fail The Small Catechism mission was a total bust. I didn't even finish the Preface. So I'm going into failure as feedback mode and doing a post-mortem analysis. What can I learn from this failure so that I can succeed in the future?

Baby Steps - I set the bar too high starting out. One page per day was too much for starting a habit from scratch. Similarly, I should have used the version of the Small Catechism, not the Reader's Edition, because typing up text took too much time and effort (whereas I could have just done some copying and pasting with the online edition).
Tracking - I didn't give myself a good way to track (or share) my progress. Also, my goals and objectives should have been more clearly defined.

The days in which I did have good progress seemed to have a few things in common, namely that I set myself up the day before and that I made the most progress while walking on the treadmill.

But tomorrow is a new day and a new month! And a new mission.

UPDATE: I just wanted to add this blog post from lifehacker about learning from your own mistakes (which then points you to this blog post at The 99 Percent.