Friday, September 2, 2011

Setting and Keeping Goals

Thank you Pastor Eggebrecht for sharing with me one of your copies of Pick Four (affiliate link), Seth Godin's update to Zig Ziglar's The Performance Planner. I just started digging into it on Monday. Right now I'm in the process of crafting my Dream List. It's not as difficult as I thought it would be, but I think what has helped, since you're supposed to come up with the list without any filters (just write) is that this is the same idea behind Morning Papers - just write stream of consciousness - unfiltered. So I'm going to integrate the compiling of my dream list into my Morning Papers for the next few days.

But I'm thankful for this book in particular because I've had my eye on it, but the catch is that you have to buy the book in packs of four. I couldn't justify the expense of buying four copies of the same book if I three of them would just sit unused (despite the fact that MOST books I own sit perpetually unread on my bookshelves or in boxes). I should learn to speed read, if only to catch up for all the reading I've meant to do for the last 20 years or so. Again, I appreciate Pastor Eggebrecht for sharing one of his extra copies with me. I'm putting it to good use.

Expect a follow-up post within a month from now. And Pastor Eggebrecht can expect an email from me in less than a month.

One of my goals for this month, and this has nothing to do with Pick Four, is to memorize Luther's Small Catechism as contained in the Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord. In fact, it's my mission for this month.