Thursday, September 8, 2011

Malaria Dilemma

Culex mosquitoA new book was just released the other day on Amazon called End Malaria. Basically, it's a free kindle book for a $20 donation to Malaria No More (or $25 for paperback with a tiny portion covering production costs). So what's in the book? Chapters were submitted by all-star leaders in business, tech, psychology, and other fields, and there's no doubt in my mind that the book is worth twenty bucks on its own merit. I would buy this book if NONE of the proceeds went to charity!

End Malaria is getting great press in the blogosphere and I'm about ready to jump onto the bandwagon.

But here's the thing: I'd rather support the Lutheran Malaria Initiative. Just like I'd rather give to LCMS World Relief & Human Care than the Red Cross. I'm not a big fan of the "we are the world" type causes that EVERYBODY gives to. I'd rather give to a smaller organization that is more in line with my values, that is more targeted, focused, specific and so forth. I don't know that much about Malaria No More, but I assume it's much larger than LMI. Not that large automatically means bad, but Seth Godin (head of The Domino Project which rolled out End Malaria) did write the book Small is the New Big (aff link).

I'm not saying it's wrong to support Malaria No More. But in my mind, supporting Malaria No More feels like pulling the rug out from under my preferred organization to jump onto a popular bandwagon.

Am I over-thinking this? Should I buy the book anyway? Is giving to the Red Cross instead of LCMS WR&HC like buying Miller Lite instead of New Glarus Spotted Cow?