Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Half Off Whole Foods: livingsocial Deal

Do you like delicious food?

We do. And one of the places we get it is Whole Foods. We don't shop there often because our nearest one is 30 minutes away, but we get over there every so often. Our favorite Whole Foods purchase is probably grass-fed ground beef. We usually buy at least three pounds. They have a bunch of other stuff, too (Ali likes the Kozy Shack chocolate pudding), but our experience has been that grass-fed beef tastes better than the regular stuff you get at the local supermarket.

If you've never tried Whole Foods or think it might be too expensive, livingsocial has a deal that for ten bucks you get $20 to spend at Whole Foods. I bought my deal as soon as I found out about it. And today only, you can get one, too (affiliate link, kinda). Whatever reasons you had in the past for not trying it out, this is an excellent way to try them out and see what they have.

Yeah, 50% off, I can live with that!

Update: now that it's the next day, the window has closed. Hope you took advantage of it!