Monday, August 29, 2011

Philosophy Tutor

The Thinker in The Rodin Gardens Something I became interested in while at Concordia University Wisconsin was philosophy, and in particular, Christian apologetics. I've stated in the past that I'd like to pursue the MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola or attend the International Academy in Strasbourg, France. Either of those goals are in the distant future, though, and I haven't flexed my Philosophy muscles much since I earned my BA. I suppose I should mention that I ended up minoring in philosophy.

So what can I do to get back in shape? Among many options, here's what I've decided: CUW is currently in the Fall semester and Dr. Menuge is teaching Intro to Philosophy (PHIL-201). I'm going to tutor someone in that class, that is, if anyone is interested. It'll be one hour a week (which could be done all at once or broken up into 30 or 20 minute segments), but I'll only be taking on one student. This semester, I won't be charging anything for my services.

This is the student profile I have in mind, but nothing is a deal breaker:
  • not a philosophy major or minor
  • did not take LA-105
  • owns a webcam and uses it over Skype
  • familiar with Google Docs and / or Evernote
  • feels that philosophy is a field of study that is daunting, difficult, overwhelming, etc.
If you are a student enrolled in Dr. Menuge's Intro to Philosophy course this semester who is interested in being tutored, just fill out this form.