Sunday, August 28, 2011

And the Winner of the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students Drawing is...

First of all, huge thanks to Grammar Girl herself, Mignon Fogarty, for spreading the word on multiple platforms that I was giving away a copy of the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students (affiliate link). Her doing so increased the number of drawing entries at least tenfold (and drove traffic way up, too).

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing, and thank you to everyone who came by to check out the blog, even if you were just here for the chance to win a free book.

The randomly drawn winner of a paperback copy of  the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students is Rhiannon Samoyedny who is studying at a technical college in Florida. Congratulations!


I was at Borders (again) last Thursday, the day before the drawing. The Ultimate Writing Guide for Students was sold out, but I picked up Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (affiliate link) and The Grammar Devotional: Daily Tips for Successful Writing from Grammar Girl (affiliate link), both in paperback. So a couple more names were drawn.

Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing goes to Nicholas Martinez who is wrapping up college and plans to start seminary this Winter. Congratulations!

For The Grammar Devotional, the announcement is pending. A name has been drawn and this person has not yet responded to my email. There are at least two plausible explanations for this: 1) this person does not check their email on the weekend, or 2) this person lives on the East Coast and Hurricane Irene could be a factor. Especially if the latter is the case, I'll edit and update this post when I have new information to share. UPDATE! I just heard back from Amy S., a web developer and grad student in Philadelphia who will receive The Grammar Devotional. Congratulations, Amy!

Again, thank you to everyone who visited my blog for the first time, thank you to those who entered the drawing, and congratulations to the drawing winners. If any of you decide to pick up one of Grammar Girl's books or start following her podcast, let me (and Grammar Girl) know if her work is helping you become a better writer.